Increasing Value By Improving Quality

Our Mission And Values

To rebuild the most economically depressed communities


We do this through:

  • The creation of jobs and the revitalization of the local community.
  • Focus on using and growing local businesses in a way where they become self supporting
  • Look to bring in new industries that will add job growth to the local community
  • Partnering with the local government to capitalize on Federal Funding of community programs

Freedom Created Through Responsibility

We efficiently blend private capital and government community programs

When We Acquire A Project

  1. Investors Benefit
  2. Residents Benefit
  3. The Community Benefits
  4. Law Enforcement Benefits

When We Invest And Improve A Property, Everybody Benefits.

Community Reimagined

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Our Investment Strategy

Select the most neglected communities

Identify the natural assets of the local economy

Efficiently blend the use of public and private resources

Grow our partnerships with local leaders

Support community growth by creating demand for local business

Protect and empower the vulnerable through community programs

Wisely deploy investor capital

Leverage new technology to create sustainable communities

Drive local job growth

How We Increase The NOI & Value

Improve Management

Increase Rents To Market

Remodel Homes

Fill Vacancies

Reduce Expenses

Meet The Team

Blake Ratajack

Senior Managing Partner

Jake Chambers

Senior Managing Partner

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