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Consulting Services

Whether you are a seasoned landlord or have just bought your first property, Prop & Rotor is here to help. Allow our team to assess your practices and provide expert advice on how to become a market leader.

Our strategy

Prop & Rotor Management aims to bolster asset management goals of property managers, investors, and owners. Though our own focus is on the greater North West Indiana community, we have provided management support to help revitalize properties in other markets. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and feel this is what sets us apart from others. Here is what to expect from our property management consulting services:


We’ll evaluate how your business operates, how your team members apply the knowledge and skills they already have, and other critical details to devise the best strategies that are well-aligned with your objectives and goals.

Support and Training

With an understanding of your existing business operations, we offer the support and training needed to equip your professionals with the necessary skills and tools to streamline your operations across the asset life cycle.

Attention to Detail

We work closely with maintenance managers, onsite resident managers, concierge services, leasing agents, and marketing departments to set up a road map for your future success and build an integrated framework for your business.

Strict Adherence to Regulations

Once a detailed operations redevelopment report has been created, we help ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, improve organizational structures, and accomplish a new standard of accuracy in documention.

Consulting for multifamily properties

We develop and provide personalized solutions, including developing and executing individualized strategic plans that address poor image and reputation issues, resident retention, leasing, marketing and other areas that might be impacting your income and occupancy.

Some common areas covered in our multifamily consulting include:

  • Property repositioning
  • Maintenance consulting
  • Team development
  • Asset management
  • Operations assessments
  • Resident selection criteria
  • Leadership coaching
  • Resident retention plans
  • Program compliance
  • Fair housing marketing plans
  • Community and hotel branding
  • Marketing & outreach
  • Human resources consulting

Consulting for Mobile Home Parks

Mobile home parks, represent one of the best commercial real estate asset classe. In fact, it is where we first started. When managed properly it can be very rewarding asset class. But there are integral differences between MHCs and apartments. We have the expertise to help navigate through these subtle nuances and give proper attention to detail to ensure the success of your investment.

Current Consulting Locations

While our consulting services are primarily targeted toward property owners in Gary and NW Indiana, we’re open to clients from all over the country. In fact, we’ve already served clients approaching us from various other markets in the US, including:

  • FL (Pensacola)
  • FL (Orlando)
  • MO (Ozarks)
  • OK (Tulsa)
  • AL (Mobile)

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