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Investment Options

If you’re planning to invest in real estate, you are embarking on one of the most rewarding investment journeys of your lifetime. At Prop & Rotor, we offer incredibly flexible investment options to fit your individual needs, all without having to deal with tenants, toilets, and sometimes even taxes. Yes, there are tax-free options available.

What We Offer

Private Mortgages

Designed for those that enjoy stability, private mortgages allow for consistent returns on a monthly or quarterly basis. Secured by individual properties, not only will your returns be highly stable but they’ll be significantly higher than what you can expect from banking products.

Equity Services

Investors that are more aggressive with their portfolio can invest as a shareholder in our specific properties or equity funds. The equity share of each investor is proportionate to the amount of capital invested. Returns stem from rental income, property appreciation, and tax depreciation. When you invest in our growth-oriented development/redevelopment projects, you can count on the highest possible returns.

Prop & Rotor Equity Fund

All the benefits of a private mutual fund while still allowing for our qualified investors the benefits of a personalized portfolio.

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate with Prop & Rotor

Property Appreciation

Real estate is a tangible asset and is a hedge against inflation. By maintaining our assets and keeping up with market rents in growing neighborhoods, we are able to ensure that our property value increases over the life of the project.

We further optimize our returns by keeping our operational costs lean and efficient. The result is a higher net income and profit.

Tax Optimization and Compliance

One of the strong advantages of investing in real estate is the various tax benefits- when properly executed. Compliance with taxation laws can be cumbersome, particularly with multiple properties or in multifamily real estate.

At Prop & Rotor, we have our own taxation and bookkeeping teams that prepare all tax documents for our properties. You can rest assured that your real estate investments are taken care of in a tax-efficient way, while also staying fully compliant with the IRS.

Simplified Investment Options

As an investor with Prop & Rotor, you will never have to deal with the hassles that come with direct property ownership and management. We are your one stop shop.

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